Electronic Reading Aids

Can I get help with reading?

People with low vision require a consultation with a Low Vision Optometrist for optical aids such as magnifiers,
to determine the best combination of magnification and light to meet their individual needs.

Shop purchased magnifiers are generally weak, often with poor optics and poorly manufacturered.
They are useful initially but not as vision deteriorates, when the power of the magnifier needs to be stronger.

Reading is one of the key areas that needs to be focused on when learning to adjust to sight loss.
These are the key aspects to keep in mind:
  • Lighting - See our article on the importance of light
  • Contrast - Black on white, Black on Yellow and other variations of the same theme are good
  • Magnification - See our article on what makes a good magnifier
  • Font - See our article on clear and easy to read fonts (Coming Soon)


Here is a Selection of some of our electronic reading aids. These tools magnify print using a camera and a lcd display. They are very effective at increasing the contrast of reading material such as newspapers.

Ruby by Freedom Scientific
The Ruby has a bright 4.3" WideScreen, a collapsible handle and can work with rechargeable or normal AAA batteries. Large magnification range, easy to use and to take along.
Sapphire by Freedom Scientific
A portable unit that has an integrated 7" tiltable wide screen and rechargeable batteries. It has a special mode for viewing texts on small bottles and boxes.
New Topaz CCTV
Full colour, auto-focus and height-adjustable 20" or 24" screens. Several reading modes. Easy to use controls and a full size reading table, that's the new Topaz!
Onyx Deskset XL
The Onyx Deskset XL is a portable 19 or 22 inch monitor with a versatile camera for reading close-up or in the distance. Comes with a rolling case.
Optional X/Y reading table available.
Sara CE
Sara CE reading solution is a really easy-to-use solution to read a wide variety of printed material including books, newspapers, mail and magazines. Sara reads it to you.
Large Print keyboards
These keyboards have the normal size and layout, but feature large characters on the keys. Available in high-contrast white on black, black on white, or black on yellow colours.